At Arms of Andes we SINGLE SOURCE our products. This means we source our fleece and yarn, as well as manufacture the fabric and the garments themselves in Peru. We keep our supply chain as short as possible to ensure traceability of our products and reduce our overall carbon footprint. 


using alpaca wool in our production
Alpaca wool being made into yarn
Alpaca wool being made into durable and lightweight knits
using natural dyes in our alpaca wool clothes
making our outdoor clothes from alpaca wool
Shipping alpaca wool clothes everywhere

Fleece Production 

Small scale farmers - usually individual families - shear their alpacas in the highland areas of Southern Peru. Women sort the fibre into different qualities by touch and sell it to the yarn producer.

the wool of the alpaca

Yarn Production

The fleece is taken overland to yarn suppliers (not far from the farms), where it is washed with biodegradable detergent and water heated by solar panels. The washed wool is turned into "wool tops", then spun into yarn.

pure alpaca wool

Fabric Production

From southern Peru, the yarn is taken overland to Lima on the central coast, where it is woven into our unique fabric, in the first of our partner factories.

making the fabric into alpaca wool clothes

Fabric Dyeing

The fabric is taken to another processing centre in the city where the colour is added. The dyes we use are natural colorants, extracted from plants or insects, so are biodegradable.

all natural dyed alpaca wool clothes

Garment Production

The fabric is cut into the shapes and then is stitched together to form the garments. Members fo the AoA team are present throughout this phase, to ensure our production standards and product quality

sewing alpaca wool clothes in Peru


Garments are then shipped by air to our distribution centers in Los Angeles, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When you order, your garments are shipped to you from the nearest distribution centre.

single source alpaca wool clothes

Short supply chains, close relationships with our suppliers and partner factories, and a focus on sustainable production, all mean that we can keep our transportation carbon footprint low, ensure traceability of our products, and work in an ethical way.